Selling Jewelry and Watches

Sell Jewelry and Watches via Consignment at Our Auction

We believe consigning your jewelry and watches is the best way to sell them.

First, there is absolutely no fees associated selling at our auction, and no hidden fees when you list the items. You pay a nominal fee only if your item is sold.

Second, selling at our auction is the best way to ensure you get the highest price for your jewelry or watches. Your items will be seen by global buyers, collectors, and dealers and these educated buyers know the current market value for your item.

Consign with SAJ Auction House

When you consign your jewelry or watch, our team will handing it everything from researching the piece, photographing and retouching, and marketing the collection globally via several marketing channels. 

No Risk for You

You have absolutely no risk by consigning with us.

There is no fee for the sellers.

If the piece doesn't sell at the minimum price that you have set, we simply return it to you with absolutely no fee unlike other auction houses.

How to Consign to Auction

We are constantly seeking fine jewelry, watches, and objets d'art for upcoming auctions.  If you wish to consign to auction, please consign your piece at least 8-10 weeks before for proper research, photography, and marketing.

Free Jewelry and Watch Valuation

Major auction houses call our team when they need a rare, special jewelry or watches.

And we offer this same valuation service for free for consigners.

What happens after Auction

If your pieces are sold, we'll notify you the final price and we'll make a prompt arrangement to make payment to you.

If there are unsold lots, we'll arrange shipping of the items back to you free of charge.

Outright Purchase

If your lots are not sold, but you're interested in selling them to us, we'll give you the cash for the highest amount.